Tal Bergman

First, I’d like to thank all the musicians who contribute their unique talent to the making of this record.

I’d like thank Yossi Shakked for helping me seeing this record all the way thru. To my beautiful family Dana. Maya and Guy for being there for me at all times ;)

This band is all about having a good time. And I hope you will enjoy listening and grooving to it. Just like we did in making it. (Play it loud and proud)

Gear used

Sonor Drums
Sabian Cymbals
Vater Drum Sticks
Remo Drum Heads
Pearl Drum Rack
Porter & Davies Tactile monitoring systems
Pearl Drum Rack
Porter & Davies Tactile monitoring systems


Joe Bonamassa

My fellow members of Rock Candy Funk Party, The Baked Potato The Fans who go on these crazy journeys with me Gus Gibson Guitars Leo Fender for inventing the tweed Bassman J and R Adventures And my Family and friends

Gear Used:

1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard
1958 Fender Bassman
1992 Dumble Overdrive Special.


Mike Merritt

Thanks to Joey Lauricella, Jason DeSalvo and Phil Zuckerman of Fodera Guitars; Phil Jaurigui of D’Addario Strings, Seymour Duncan, Tyme Rogers of Tech 21; Source Audio.

Special thanks to Stephen “Ruff” Stewart for keeping my basses in shape, and to all of my incredible RCFP bandmates.

Gear Used:

Aguilar Amplification
Sadowsky Guitars
Mike Lull Guitars
Fishman Transducers
Gruv Gear
Jodi Head Guitar Straps


Ron DeJesus

Deepest thanks to all that support this band, and to my musical partners in “time” for always having fun while creating music together.

Special thanks to my Dad, Efrain DeJesus for always supporting me musically and to my Daughter Sophia that continues to inspire the music that comes from me.

Gear used:

1959 Gibson ES 335
1957 Fender Esquire
1970 Fender Stratocaster
TMG Dover Stratocaster
1962 Gibson ES 350
1966 Fender Princeton amp
1965 Fender Deluxe reverb
1963 Standel custom amp