Ron DeJesus

Born in the Bronx NY in 1964, Ron heard all sounds in the house from Salsa, Johnny Mathis, Sly Stone, to The Beatles and Earth Wind and Fire thanks to his mother Evelyn. Organ lessons came shortly after at age 6 for a brief time until the studio informed his parents of the cost of an real organ. Not until he was 12yrs old and after hearing The Beatles did he decide on the guitar.
Lessons started soon after and he later formed his first band “Too Close” at age 15 with his brother Roy DeJesus who is still an active bass player in the NY area.

At 19 he packed his bags for the west coast to attend the Musicians Institute and it was there were he met many of the musicians and friends that he keeps till this day.
Ron had the privilege of studying with Howard Morgan, Jimmy Wyble, Joe Diorio, and Scott Henderson in those early days.

Towards the end of school Ron left and was on the road with various acts that brought him to Houston, Las Vegas, New York, Hawaii, and back to Los Angeles in which he then graduated.
Ron formed the band Planet funk a band that played all James Brown and Sly Stone hits complete with a horn section and enlisted some of the best studio and touring musicians in the Los Angeles area. Along with Planet funk Ron was also busy with various sessions dates and commercials. Ron became a member of the Enclave led by his friend and musical brother Oskar Cartaya and recorded Oskar's debut CD "My Music, My Friends, My Time".

It was from that band that he met drummer Tal Bergman and later partnered in a studio with Tal for the next five years called No Favors Studio in Sherman Oaks CA.
Many Projects were done in those years but the most important was the release of their first solo album and collaboration called Grooove Vol 1 in 2007.

In 2008-2009 Ron and Tal formed the Band Rock Candy Funk Party with the intention to play out locally and promote the Grooove record at the same time. Around this time the Drum chair became available on the Joe Bonamassa tour and Tal was the guy. What started as an invitation from Tal to Joe to come and jam lead to Bonamassa later joining the group sometime in 2011 and the band did a series of shows at the famous Baked Potato in North Hollywood, CA.